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Lime colored Turquoise is a rarity, it is caused from the lack of, or lesser amounts of copper and a pressence or zinc when it was being formed. Lime Green Turquoise is highly collected by Turquoise connoisseurs worldwide and it is truly beautiful! Lime Turquoise comes from several Nevada Mines, the main ones being  the Tonopah Blue Gem mine, the Carico Lake mine, the Orvil Jack mine, the Pixie mine, and the Stennich Turquoise mine.

Keep in mind,  copper is one of the ingredients of Turquoise and if there is no copper, it is not Turquoise. There are two other minerals that run near Turquoise that have often been called Turquoise in the past, Calcociderite and Variscite. Both of these materials can be spectacular and beautiful, but, they are not Turquoise. Both Variscite and Chalcociderite are valueable and highly collectible. Both Gems run in a lime green color and are super rare in lime green.

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Tonopah Blue Gem Lime Turquoise

Lime Turquoise was often found in the Tonopah Blue Gem Mine. It can be spotted by the host matrix that in runs in, Ryolite.  The lime Nevada Blue Gem can be gorgeous with orange and golden yellow matrix in tell glassy or "gel" lime green turquoise. The Lime Turquoise from the Tonopah Blue Gem Mine is also very hard as it runs in seams and it takes a great polish, almost like glass.

Carico Lake Lime Green Turquoise

The Carico Lake Turquoise mine produced a lot of Lime Turquoise of multiple characteristics. In many areas around the Turquoise deposits at Carico Lake there was/is lower levels of copper which made the Turquoise a lime color. Along with Turquoise that formed in veins, there were Clam beds that the Turquoise formed in and very rare fossils have been found as well.  Lime Turquoise from the Carico Lake Turquoise Mine is very collectible and highly sought after by many.

Orville Jack Lime Turquoise

Orville Jack mined Turquoise and only kept the blue colored Turquoise from his mine. In his mining days blue Turquoise was in high demand and easy to sell. There was a lot of what Orville considered junk rock that he hauled away from the mine and threw it over the hill and on the roadsides leading away from the mine. In recent years, lime Turquoise got popular for inlaying in multi-colored Southwestern Jewelry. The lime Turquoise color sets off most other colored stones used by various Jewelry artists for a very unique look that is very desirable by the public. Orville Jack Lime Turquoise is very scarce, but, it can be found and it is highly coveted by collectors and Jewelers worldwide.

Lime Green Damale Turquoise

Another famous Turquoise mine that produces lime green Turquoise is the Damale mine outside of Austin, Nevada. This mine produces Lime Turquoise and Lime Green Variscite. It is very famous! This Turquoise and Variscite comes in nuggets. It is very hard and most of the time is spider web Turquoise. Damale is Lime Green Turquoise is very hard to come by and very collectible.

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Manufactured / Fake Lime Turquoise

Today, there are several companies making imitation lime green Turquoise. The Colbaugh's of Kingman Arizona use real chauk Turquoise and dye it then stablize it with plastic resins. The Chinese use Magnisite, which is like chalkboard chalk, they dye it then treat it with plastic resins. Some imitation lime Turquoise is pretty, but, it is really junk and the jewelry that it is set in is just costume Jewelry and should never be sold for much else.

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John and Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company have a pretty large stash of lime Turquoise from several Turquoise mines in Nevada. You can usually find Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and other items with Lime Turquoise at their online store.

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